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Choreography Walk

Canadian dance artist Justine A. Chambers specialises in using dance to inspire audiences to observe their surroundings and daily behaviours while reflecting on the relationship between humanity and dance. In the settings of an old district neighbourhood and an intimate dinner, her two works aim to collect, archive and present the vocabularies of our city through the human body.  

Taking staircases, footbridges and the world’s longest outdoor escalator as starting points, this hour-long journey echoes the natural and man-made verticality of Hong Kong Island. Traversing between quiet and spacious old districts and loud, dense commercial centres, participants will experience the incremental transformations of space and atmosphere.

Twenty students from Belilios Public School and Jockey Club Government Secondary School will receive four months of intensive coaching from a local tutor and Chambers; their final work will become part of Choreography Walk. The remainder of Choreography Walk will be devised by Chambers and local choreographers Mao Wei and Tan-ki Wong during a four-month dance exchange.

You are invited to join Choreography Walk and discover the linkage between society, dance and space through these interpretations by local students and choreographers.

Concept by: Justine A. Chambers
Created in collaboration with: Josh Hite
Choreography by: Mao Wei, Tan-ki Wong, Justine A. Chambers and Josh Hite

Participating Artists and Schools:
- Mao Wei
- Wong Tan-ki
- Belilios Public School
- Jockey Club Government Secondary School

Date and Time:
22/2 Fri 2:30 - 4:00pm
22/2 Fri 5:00 - 6:30pm
23/2 Sat 11:00 - 12:30pm
23/2 Sat 2:00 - 3:30pm
24/2 Sun 11:00 - 12:30pm
24/2 Sun 2:00 - 3:30pm

In Cantonese / English

* Post-event talk will be conducted by Justine A. Chambers
* Participants are advised to wear comfortable clothes and walking shoes

The Choreography Walk and Family Dinner has been made possible through contributions by the Canada Council for the Arts and the British Columbia Arts Council.

Local Choreographer: Tan-ki Wong

“Interact with passers-by on a stage without stage; rediscover the vibe of belonging to one’s city”

I am a Kowloon-based person; Choreography Walk has led me to explore corners and alleyways in Central and Western districts that I’d never been to before. The core of Choreography Walk is striking a balance between “conscious dance” and “unconscious dance”; it is a new dance exercise for me. An unconscious performance that doesn’t lose its high artistic quality and standards is in itself contradictory, yet it offers new possibilities.

Local Choreographer:  Mao Wei

“I wish to remind audiences of the fleeting moments in our everyday lives. After so many years of constantly pushing forward, do we still remember where we started from? “

I am glad to participate in Choreography Walk and devise the whole journey together with Justine and Josh. Choreography Walk presents art in a way that is close to everyday life; this is something I’ve wanted to put into practice for a long time. For this Choreography Walk, I created a character who is in the city, but is not a part of the crowd. He thinks, gazes and runs. He is me and you; he could be anyone. We are struggling for ourselves, but we must realise that we are also pushed along by the currents of time—ever forward.

Student Rehearsal Director: Skinny Ng

I have been leading two groups of students and devising four performance spots. Youngsters are full of curiosity and enthusiasm towards learning and creating. I am particularly thankful for their hard-work to mould our work into a unique shape. I wish to break through the audience’s concept of the stage and make it possible to extend performance into any space, and thereafter discover new possibilities among our daily lives. 

Participating students from Belilios Public School
Tin Sum Yuet
Kwok Lee
Kan Ching Man
Yeung Hau Ching
Huang Xin Yue
Kam Chin Ue
Yeung Hiu Laam
Chin Oi Man
Wan Wing Sze

Participating students from Jockey Club Government Secondary School
Chung Pui Yee
Fong Lai Sze
Law Sai Man
Li Sin Ying
Hu Mei Ling
Tse Ka Wai
Shun Wai Man
Mo Cheuk Ying
Yung Man Ying
Lin Wai Chi
Ho Nga Man
Yeung Man Chun
Zhang Hei Yuet
Cheng Sin Man
Liu Jia Min
Fong Hiu Tung, Toby

Justine A. Chambers

Justine A. Chambers is a dance artist living and working on the unceded territories of the Sḵwx̱wú7mesh, Musqueam and Tsleil-Waututh Nations, Canada. Chambers’ interests are in re-imagining dance performance, and activating the dances that are already there—the social choreographies present in the everyday. Chambers is the founding member of projet bk and was associate artist at the Dance Centre (2015–2017) and artist-in-residence at the artist-run centre, 221a, in 2017. Chambers was also the recipient of the Chrystal Dance Prize in 2016 and the Lola Award in 2018.